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About Scholar Publications

Publishers of Brass Performance and Pedagogy Books

Since 2006, Scholar Publications (USA) has been a publishing group that focuses on the publication of educational materials concerning brass performance and pedagogy. It publishes works that further the excellence in research, scholarship, performance, and education in today's brass performing world. Scholar Publications makes its production office in Chicago, Illinois but its research takes place in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Scholar Publications is the only American publishing group that specializes solely in the research and publication of brass related textbooks. It aims to publish a variety of subjects, for a wide range of audiences, in almost every level of artistic and technical development. The main criteria in evaluating new titles is the quality and contribution to the furtherance of scholarship and education. Our books and lecture companions continue to be distributed nationally and internationally. 

The Team That Makes Scholar Publications Possible 

The writing of scholarly books is time consuming, arduous, and it usually takes the orchestrated work of many talented individuals. This is the case with the books and lecture companions Scholar Publications produces. Hundreds of hours of research -- one on one interviews with prominent musicians and library/databases searches to be transcribed and edited -- are required to write a book. On average, the work of 25 individuals go into producing a single publication. Scholar Publications is proud to have some of the most well-known performers and teachers in the brass playing world as contributors and partners. 

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