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Read what famous teachers and players have said about Lasting Change for Trumpeters:

"A most extensive and thorough documentation of the teaching concepts of one of the outstanding brass teachers of our time. A must for anyone wishing insights into this most gifted of teachers.”

Vincent Cichowicz, Late Professor Emeritus,

Northwestern University

Former Member, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"This is a book that is meant to be read and re-read over a lifetime with new thoughts occasionally added to your arsenal of thoughts... What will seem complex at first will make logical and musical sense as you reread this 'Trumpeter's Companion'. Whether you are a professional performer, university professor, a college student, a player coming back after years off, or a player wanting to establish good playing habits after an injury, you will find this to be comforting reading and an inspiration.”

Manny Laureano, Principal Trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra

"Luis E. Loubriel has captured the essence of the teaching of my teacher, my colleague of 25 years, and my friend Arnold Jacobs. Jake's combining of his knowledge of the physical and the psychological molded together with his superior musical ability to make music-making a lifetime of joy for many. Thank you, Luis, for bringing this together.”

William Scarlett, Former Assistant-Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"It was such a pleasure to be able to revisit so many of the concepts

that Jake shared with all of us who studied with him. Truly an inspiration! His pedagogical approach was outstanding. You have captured all this in

your book and no doubt all the material you present is extremely valuable.

It is so important to keep reinforcing Jacobs's approach to music making.”

Marie Speziale

Professor of Trumpet

Shepherd School of Music

Rice University

Former Associate Principal Trumpet

of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

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Specifically written for trumpeters, this books delivers the main tenets found in Arnold Jacobs's teaching paying special attention to the concepts of lasting change; or the ability to achieve performance consistency by bringing to a functional balance the four fundamentals of brass playing.