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Arnold Jacobs’s thoughts on wind pedagogy resonate as well today as they did when I first heard them from the master in 1982. While a number of previous books approach his biography and pedagogy, Luis E. Loubriel’s new work takes a fresh tack on organizing and presenting this significant material. Loubriel organizes his presentation and the book flows with clarity. Each chapter begins with a list of bulleted highlights that represent key concepts. Chapters devoted to Jacobs’s pedagogical approach, skills and drills, and artistic concepts are now augmented by Loubriel’s reflections on the master’s development and evolution as a teacher. Brass Singers concludes with seven appendices, representing years of transcribed Jacobs’ lectures organized by topic. Brass Singers offers both Loubriel’s understanding of the subject after decades of research as well as Jacobs own words. The book unquestionably represents an important new step in the ever-evolving interpretation of Arnold Jacobs’s contribution to the last half century of wind pedagogy. Dr. Bruce C. Briney, Professor of Music - Western Illinois University

This book by Dr. Luis E. Loubriel is the most comprehensive study of Arnold Jacobs’s teaching. Arnold's positive approach to brass performance, in detail, makes this book unique. Students, teachers, and performers will find this book essential. Alex Wilson, Former Principal Trumpet, Buffalo (NY) Philharmonic Orchestra. Former Principal Trumpet, Chautauqua (NY) Symphony. Former Principal Trumpet, Robert Shaw Chorale

Brass Singers is a fantastic addition to the growing number of volumes available, which chronicle and illustrate the teaching of Arnold Jacobs. It is extremely well organized and user friendly. The index is superb helping to make this book an invaluable teaching, performance, and research resource. This is an absolute must-have for any brass musician, any brass teacher, or any brass pedagogy researcher. Michael D. Grose, Associate Professor of Tuba and Euphonium - University of Oregon School of Music and Dance. (Student of Arnold Jacobs, 1981-1998)

Luis E. Loubriel’s BRASS SINGERS provides an in-depth view of Arnold Jacobs and his teaching: the pedagogical approach, its evolution, and its application. He presents the premise of “artistry first” head on, sighting numerous examples for application: dealing with mental fatigue, the aging process, the damaged embouchure, real stamina developed with musical challenges, the singing brain, mouthpiece buzzing, and artistic concepts. Loubriel presents numerous invaluable answers to questions about concentration, sensory and motor nerve activity, dividing the daily practice between norms and extremes, understanding the pros and cons or lyrical and highly technical materials, dangers of high air pressures, and maintaining the singer in your brain at all times. Loubriel delivers Arnold Jacobs’s message to aficionados and pros alike superbly! Finally, a scholarly work that presents practical, musical, and artistic information necessary to develop and maintain one’s skills either as student, teacher, or performer. Bravo, Luis E. Loubriel! Galindo Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Music, Applied Trumpet Performance - Northwestern State University

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Specifically written for brass players, Brass Singers delivers the main tenets found in Arnold Jacobs’s teaching. While Jacobs customized his teaching to fit his students’ special developmental needs, this book aims at presenting his teaching concepts so they can be understood by brass aficionados, advanced students, and professionals.