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Back to Basics for Trumpeters: The Teaching of Vincent Cichowicz

Back to Basics for Trumpeters: The Teaching of Vincent Cichowicz

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Back to Basics for Trumpeters is built around interviews that Luis E. Loubriel conducted with Vincent Cichowicz and his most successful disciples over thirteen years, woven together with Loubriel’s own analysis, and organized according to the central themes of Cichowicz’s methodology. 


Although Cichowicz developed no rigid, one-size-fits-all system - indeed, his special talent was for custom tailoring his teaching to the needs of each student - certain fundamentals tenets informed all of his teaching. 


This Cichowicz book memorializes those tenets through the words of the master himself and some of his exemplary proteges. As such, it represents a significant contribution to contemporary understandings of trumpet pedagogy, and brass pedagogy in general.


Interviews with: Vincent Cichowicz, Jay Friedman, William Fielder, John Cvejanovich, Tom Rolfs, Manny Laureano, Jamie Sommervile, Murray Crewe, Robert Dorer, Bruce Briney, Neal Berntsen, Kevin Hartman, John Henes, and John Deverman.

Back to Basics for Trumpeters: The Teaching of Vincent Cichowicz 

By Luis E. Loubriel

  • Back to Basics for Trumpeters

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